Ward Sutherland

In The News

Ward Sutherland

In The News

Councillors to pitch changes to Calgary’s controversial art policy this fall

Calgary Herald – August 11, 2017

Calgary councillor lays out path to tax freeze without affecting services

Metro News Calgary – June 16, 2016

City’s crosswalk bright idea could go continent-wide

Calgary Herald – April 15, 2016

Calgary councillor’s wristbands urge pedestrians to be more aware

CBC News Calgary – October 27, 2016

Councillor wants province to match zero per cent property tax increase

660 News – January 25, 2017S

Change to property tax assessments could ‘save taxpayers money’: Sutherland

Calgary Sun – December 18, 2016

City outsourcing calls for care

Calgary Herald – March 25, 2017

Calgary council approves $25,000 for Haiti reconstruction fund

Metro News – March 13, 2017

Council ices pay raises for top city managers, directors

Calgary Herald – November 24, 2015

Union ads targeting job outsourcing sparks war of words with city councillor

Calgary Herald – March 22, 2017

Calgary Transit operation to suffer under Carbon levy: Council

Metro News Calgary – April 18, 2016

Alberta carbon tax one of largest ‘unknowns’ for Calgary budget, says city councillor

CBC News Calgary – October 03, 2016

Calgary transit union calls on city to use rainy day fund to save maintenance jobs

Calgary Herald – January 17, 2017

Ward Sutherland to NDP: We did our part, now give taxpayers a break

Calgary Sun – September 22, 2016

Calgary on track to bank $40M surplus for 2016

CBC News Calgary – January 19, 2017

City officials begin cleanup of ‘heroin island’

Calgary Herald – May 11, 2016

Pace Car pilot project looks to increase driver awareness in northwest Calgary communities

Calgary Herald – May 29, 2016

Coun. Ward Sutherland takes on Calgary’s cop car critics: ‘Do we put flowers on them? Gimme a break’

Calgary Sun – August 10, 2016

Calgary’s half-billion- dollar reserve fund ‘too much,’ say councillors

Calgary Herald – July 20, 2016

Councillor questions provincial finance minister on credit rating remarks

Metro News – July 13, 2016